Dana Malcolm   Contemporary Realism


Artist Statement



Currently my artwork explores the New England coastline in an intimate and personal manner. I'm a contemporary realist using oil paint as my primary medium. Transparency, layering, and flexibility are pivotal to my process, and working with oils allows me to accomplish that. With a desire to bring the scene to life, I frequently paint life-size images that are up-close, personal, and within our reach. The flesh of the figure virtually pulses with a heartbeat or shells and stones can virtually be picked up for your collection. Many of my  paintings also utilize a low perspective, which places the viewer at a child's eye level, and helps to conjure up memories of days playing on the beach. 

What I choose to depict in my paintings are only elements of a much larger picture. What we don't see but have to imagine is as valuable as what we do see. The next ocean wave is just ready to come in and transform the scene, or the figure's face may suddenly come into view. As a painter, I'm particularly enthralled by the abstract elements of space, light, texture, and the constant progression of time that is so visible on the shoreline's edge. Time and the ocean are intimately connected: each leaving behind traces of their movement. Similarly, my paintings leave behind a record of my personal experiences, both physically and spiritually.


Affiliations include the American Society of Marine Artists, Oil Painters of America, North River Arts Society, Plymouth Guild Inc., and the South Shore Art Association. Recent artwork has been exhibited in juried shows at the Guild of Boston Artists' President's Gallery on Newbury Street, Boston, MA, McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD, the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, the Pembroke Arts Festival, the Bancroft Gallery in Cohasset, the Russell Gallery in Plymouth, the G.A.R Hall in  Marshfield, and Front Street Gallery in Scituate. My paintings are in numerous collections throughout the country and artwork has been published in South Shore Living magazine, Art & Beyond publications, American Art Collector magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.


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